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Bathtub Refinishing Versus Bathtub Replacement

Most individuals wouldn't even give bathtub refinishing a second thought; why even bother with bathtub refinishing when you may replace it for a neater, newer model? In the event that your goal is to add some water jets and upgrade to more of a Jacuzzi setting, then a bathtub replacement is going to be your only option, if you have a standard tub currently.


However, if you would like for your bathtub to look nice again, it would be easier and cheaper to refinish it based on the benefits in the long run. In the event that you are wondering why bathtub refinishing is better in the long run, don't forget that bathtub replacement normally requires complete demolition of that particular area of the bathroom and that may mean removing and then replacing plumbing parts, repairing walls, and upgrading the flooring.

Let's not forget to mention putting in new tile and surrounds. If this is beginning to sound like a much bigger job than what you originally thought, it isn't surprising. The bath tub may only cost you a couple hundred dollars but the complete demolition is going to kick you right out the bathroom during the time the renovations are being made and it will add a couple hundred dollars in addition to the final bull undoubtedly.

Now is the time to consider bathtub refinishing or bathtub restoration. Throughout the years, bathtubs may lose their new appearance with yellowing, stains, or general fading of color. You may also make all of the improvements yourself, but if not, you may hire a professional to handle everything for you. In the event that you are handy in nature, it is still recommended that you price all of the local experts and determine whether or not the cost savings are beneficial enough for your effort and time.

Technically, bathtub restoration and refinishing are two completely different things, even though many individuals use these terms interchangeably. In all actuality, bathtub restoration is a process that consists of several steps and is designed in order to clean up the scratches and imbed the discoloration. The bathtub refinishing is completed once restoration has been completed and it involves the use of a very special chemical known as Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane Enamel and it is normally done by professionals in order to prevent the basic need for several more restorations.

Both home improvement stores and libraries have a great multitude of books with certain steps that you are able to take based on how far you are taking the restoration process and the type of bathtub you have, both within style and material. Based on the fact that this is a little more than just a standard form of cleaning, it is recommended that you get a list of guidelines if you aren't going to be hiring a professional.

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